Starting this organization/ Ministry in 1995, we were focused on fulfilling purpose. By leading people to Christ and supporting them in ways we could help. But over the years, we grew in wisdom of what God really called us to do, Which is targeted at building a nation that exhibits peace by:

  • Revival(deliverance)

  • Uprooting and planting the right seed(Good ethics)

  • Supporting people that feel rejected

  • Training and guiding them to live by good moral

  • Aiding people live like Christ to enable the word of God to spread fast.

We are the Marketplace Missions, a meeting place between the world and the church, a place where we can find anyone and bring them the Good News of Love in their buying and selling. We believe in using various ways to make communication with people great enough for them to want to know more about Jesus and also join us to reach out to others.


I believe that our faith, gifts and talents are best utilized when they are translated into tangible products and services for the purpose of impacting lives and transforming the world’s social, economic and political arenas for Jesus Christ.


We plan to advance the kingdom of God by reaching out to more people in different parts of the world. Addressing religious, educational and charitable needs of poor and disenfranchise, senior and young people. We plan to keep growing as we also empower and train individuals to fulfil purpose.


We can see that the world now has a great vacuum to fill in having Godly leadership. Yet many Christians are far from being entrusted with the stewardship responsibility of managing the world. But Market palace mission is about showing everyone that it is never too late to become a leader worthy to lead the flocks to Christ, men/women filled with the understanding and knowledge to lead the affairs of the people into a stability in the social, economical and political way. Reducing and finally bringing a stop to the wickedness that has prevented growth and productivity in the land. The righteous have been given a mantle to arise and take their rightful place of leadership in the world affairs. So that the people can see the glory of God and receive His blessing (Psalm 12:8/9, Proverbs 28:2&28; 14:34)


As of now, there is a huge divide between the Church and the Marketplace. Marketplace Missions is established for this very purpose, to bridge this gap: the most prominent of which is Leadership in the social, economic and political arenas. The Marketplace is our Parish. Therefore, we must let our light (creativity, leadership, integrity, values, strength…) shine for all the world to see (see Matthew 5:16) so we can be effective witnesses for Christ both in our private life and in our public life, even the Marketplace.