Community Networking/ Support

  • Outreach

We have had the privilege to go for outreaches in different parts of the world, to places where it seems like all hope is lost, where lives seem to be wasted and forgotten. Areas in need of a visit from God and the people to show them love and remind them that they matter and much and even more than they know. Now meet people in isolated places to aid once a month. Physically/Financial: blessed to have the relationship we developed with various supply chains retailers and small businesses, we could make them feel at home by having conversation with them, bringing them food stuff, money, clothes, games, and many more things to help them live better and happier. We bring them Knowledge and warmth by being the shoulder they can lead on. We also read books to them.

  • Mental

Being in such environments would have kept them in a battle field with their mind. We reach out to them emotionally, talking to them and with them finding solutions to their problems.

  • Spiritually

We would not forget the reason for this meeting, we always teach them the word of God and pray with them.

  • Donation/Join us

We love for you to join us and reach out to the people who need it the most with contributions that might seem little but would definitely go a long way in reaching out to someone and putting a smile on their faces. You can also take part in going with us to Touch lives with Christ Love. Be updated about our next outreach.

To donate go to the home page and click “Give donation”. God bless you as you give or join us.