Searching for a better future cannot happen like magic. We all have an very important role to play to make this world a place we can all live in without worries. For this to happen we need to be impacted in good/positive ways to give out what is best to be given.

We impact people in various ways and some topics could interest you or be related to the problem you might be facing at the moments. Watch out for Vlogs, Podcast and book/audio books


Video that focuses on lifestyles, we get to discuss things in more detail about topics we do not talk about in church, this is to keep you in check morally. Once in a while we have youths come around to talk about issues and learn from each other and teach viewers too. We also have stories of the bible on drama acted to keep the mind fresh. These topics could also bring people to come to a realization of what their gifts and talents are and ways to fulfil purpose.


These are audio messages extracted from videos from our vlog. We also have topics that target the mind and personal growth in your spiritual life and personal life. We would love for you to listen while you go about your day and still learn as much as you can to make wherever you are feel your impact.

Books/ Audio books

Online or hard copy of books on different topics to keep the soul burning for God, and aid you in learning more about your purpose in life. We also have audio books for people that might not have time to read or prefer listening to them. You could read some amazing books for free here or head to our shop page to buy other books. They can only make you grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually to be more built enough to impact the nation as well with your God given gift.