A New Generation of Leaders and Politicians

In 1993, Segun left his COMFORTABLE BUT ORDINARY LIFE to do something extraordinary: God called him to an UNCOMFORTABLE BUT EXTRAORDINARY LIFE of Service to Humanity. Segun and his family and team of ministers fed, clothed and empowered thousands of people within the Metro-Atlanta Area and outside. Twenty-five years later, Segun is now on a mission to improve the world via government/political reforms & strategic alliances.

THE MANDATE: To Raise Up a New Generation of Leaders!

Masha has a mandate from the Lord to usher-in Africa’s social, economic and political reformation with adequate and advanced structures and mechanisms that will allow a new generation of leaders to champion good (purposeful + idealistic) governance, for the purpose of fostering a Just + Equitable + Sustainable Society.

Masha’s life mission is to inspire Millennials to aspire to God, and to leadership, in order to bring existing social, economic and political practices and systems to an ideal state to help restore the life and dignity

of the millions of impoverished and disenfranchised people, especially in Africa, before the end of the age. For this reason, Faith Leadership Institute (FLI) was born.

FAITH LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE for Government/Public Service.

Equipped with biblical principles of government and economics, and baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire, participants are empowered as Christ’s ambassadors sent into the social, economic and political arenas to serve in excellence and integrity, and make peoples’ lives better.​