MARKETPLACE MISSIONS is a Ministry on a Mission

WHY THE MARKETPLACE? Because its where majority of people in the world meet and interact. The highways and byways Jesus Christ sends us to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-End).

BRIDGING THE GAP: As of now, there is a huge divide between the Church and the Marketplace. Marketplace Missions is established for this very purpose, to bridge this gap: the most prominent of which is of Leadership in the social, economic and political arenas. I personally call it “The Great Leadership Vacuum”!

LEADERSHIP VACUUM: There is no doubt that there is a great leadership vacuum in the world today, especially where godly leadership and stewardship are concerned. According to Psalm 24, and various other scriptures, “the earth (and all the vast human and material capitals in it) belongs to the Lord.”  Still, many Christians are far from being entrusted with the stewardship responsibility of managing the world.

However, this victory is not only intended for the outside world. Christians are called to live in victory even in their personal life, over sin, death, and hell.

God has given us spiritual principles and practical application of His word for effective and productive leadership in the world; a world soaked in the vile pool of immorality, bribery and corruption. For where you find many corrupt rulers and vile business men/women, there you will find evil abounding. But where you find godly men/women of understanding & knowledge leading the affairs of the people, there you will find an enduring social, economic, and political stability and wellness. Wickedness must not be allowed to increase in size or scope, and followers of Christ must not allow themselves to be cowed into silence, intimidated into subjugation, or frightened with threats, violence…).

The righteous must arise and take their rightful place of leadership in world affairs, so that the people can see the glory of God and receive His blessings (see Psalm 12:8/9, Proverbs 28:2; 28, Proverbs 14:34).
The Marketplace is our Parish. Therefore, we must let our light (creativity, leadership, integrity, values, strength…) shine for all the world to see (see Matthew 5:16) so we can be effective witnesses for Christ both in our private life and in our public life, even the Marketplace